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Midlands is an industry leader in the Texas Non-Subscriber space.  Our offerings align with the needs of our customers.  We have leveraged our extensive underwriting and technical expertise in both Occupational Accident and Workers’ Compensation to design a Texas Non-Sub product with responsive, flexible coverages, prompt claims attention and industry-leading services.


  • Primary employers indemnity: CSL of $100,000 up to $10,000,000
  • Up to 10 times the CSL per occurrence, with a maximum of $25,000,000
  • No annual policy aggregate
  • Industrial Aid Aircraft available (coverage for businesses that have company-owned, operated or leased aircraft and who wish to insure the employees who travel on these aircraft)
  • Duty to defend: 1st dollar defense cost outside the policy limits
  • Deductible applies to medical expense only on policies with deductibles less than $50,000
  • ERISA plan & Texas DOI compliance package
  • Safety & risk management services provided
  • Access to medical provider network


  • 24/7 claims reporting
  • Stewardship reporting of risk results
  • Nurse Case Management – makes initial contact on referred medical only cases
  • Bill review and utilization review of injured workers – reviews medical records and bills to verify the appropriateness of medical services, the relatedness of services to claims and accuracy of billing
  • Audits and commutations – Midlands professionals meet industry requirements for audits, inspections or regulatory required reviews of cover holders, third party administrators and ceding carriers
  • Will work with other approved TPAs


Retail • Chauffeurs • Bakery • Plastics • Bottling • Sheet Metal • Wholesale • Physicians • Trucking • Hospitality • Home Health • Others Considered


Email the following to submit@midman.com:


Stan Opie
(972) 588-2038