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Most commercial property coverage does not include earthquake. And, according to the scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey, from 1973 – 2008, there was an average of 24 earthquakes of magnitude 3 and larger per year in the Central United States. From 2009 – 2015, that rate jumped to 318 per year and continues to rise. Your clients are standing on shaky ground. Partner with Midlands for innovative insurance solutions to meet all of your client’s commercial property needs.


  • Coverage available for: buildings, business personal property, betterment or repairs required by local ordinance or law
  • Earth movement coverage for any seismic event regardless if event is caused by man-made or natural earth movement
  • Deductible assumptions and options:
    • 2% of TIV, subject to $100 minimum per occurrence, receives 20% load
    • 5% of TIV, subject to $100 minimum per occurrence
    • 10% of TIV, subject to $100 minimum per occurrence, receives 10% rate credit
  • Zero waiting period after recent earthquake event (most companies require a minimum of 30 days wait after an event before you can bind a new piece of business)
  • Maximum TIV per individual insured, $2,000,000
  • Simple policy form – easy to read and easy to understand – no odd exclusions
  • Brick veneer included
  • Low rates for homeowners and business owners


For a quick quote, download the Commercial Earthquake Rater.

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